Yeah, ‘Emily in Paris’ is bad. But the memes are so so good.

Yeah, 'Emily in Paris' is bad. But the memes are so so good.

Emily went to Paris and Twitter users went into full-blown meme-making mode.

Since Netflix released the first season of Emily in Paris on Oct. 2, people have been sharing all sorts of takes, reviews, and memes about the show online.

The consensus seems to be that the 10 episodes — brought to us by Darren Star, the man who created Sex and the City and Younger — are ultimately NOT great. Sure, the show is a perfect form of escapism, but Emily (Lily Collins) doesn’t understand the first thing about social media, the plot lines are ridiculously farfetched, and some French people believe the show presents a warped, cliché, and stereotypical view of Paris. Read more…

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