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The Legends are back after saying goodbye to Ray and Nora, and let’s just say that the stakes have been raised.

We were introduced to Atropos, one of Charlie’s sisters, on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 8, and she was ruthless beyond belief.

Ateopos was on a mission to take back the Loom of Fate and was ready to kill anyone who got in her way. And unfortunately, it was one of the Legends who did.

Supernatural - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 8

Behrad’s death was entirely unexpected going into the episode, but his fate became obvious when he was face-to-face with Atropos.

It was a scene where we held our breath from the beginning until the very end. There was an inkling that this standoff would not end well for Behrad, but one could only hope that was wrong.

Zari: I mean, this other Zari sounds so smart and substantive, like a cool, third-wave feminist superhero that you and Nate seem to like better than me.
Behrad: First off, Nate is just a sucker for doomed romances. Secondly, of course I don’t like her better than you. You’re my favorite Zari of all time.

As fate would have it — sorry, I’ll try to stop with the fate puns — it was not Behrad’s lucky day as Atropos cut the string that represented his life in what would have otherwise been a very cool image.

On the bright side, Sara and Charlie managed to get the two rings back from Atropos after knocking her off the Waverider, and Zari will stop at nothing to save her brother’s life.

Shock - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 8

It was just cruel having the old Zari tell the new Zari to come back into the totem with Behrad one day, while we all knew that Behrad was dead.

Zari has been put through the wringer more than most during her time on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and she definitely does not deserve to live another life where her brother got killed.

Plus, Behrad was an amazing addition to the team, and we were just starting to get used to him as an integral part to the Legends.

His death, along with recently losing Ray and Nora, feels like a nevereneing slap in the face. We can only hope that the Legends will be able to use the Loom of Fate to bring him back.

John Constantine - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 8

In taking a step away from the emotional side of it, Behrad’s death might actually be a good thing as DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 continues.

Of course, I want him to be resurrected in the end because he is one of the best new characters that we have seen, but his death raises the stakes like never before for all of the Legends.

Sara was right. I’m no Fate. I’m a Legend!


Before he died, it was really just Charlie and Constantine who were invested in finding the Loom of Fate and stopping Charlie’s sisters, but now that Behrad is dead, everyone on the Waverider will want him back.

It has been shown that he was close to Nate and Sara, and he was Zari’s brother. Plus, he and Charlie were romantically involved. With Behrad gone, they will all be determined more than ever to find the Loom.

Sara and Charlie - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 8

The Loom was an interesting concept that showed promise when it was introduced on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 5.

Now, it is the main plot of the season, overshadowing the Encores, who have surprsingly, but not in a bad way, become just a piece in the Loom of Fate story.

All of the different stories and aspects of the recent episodes are coming together to form one cohesive season-long arc that proves why it is one of most well-written superhero shows on television.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is constantly surprising us with its captivating storylines, while still staying weird, of course.

Ava Sharpe - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 8

Zari is one of the best, most well-developed characters on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. And Tala Ashe continues to showcase her range and talent.

While we object to the repeated torture Zari must endure, her journey has been a highlight.

Nate: You slept-walked into my room, which means something must have brought you in here. And let’s not forget, in another timeline you and I-
Zari: Don’t start with the dream girl crap. I’m still trying to process how I spent the last five yours in, what is this, 200 thread count?
Nate: Yeah.

Both versions of Zari, the temporal echo and the social media influencer, are a delight to get to know, and seeing them interact was a joy like no other.

They could not be more different, but they also have a lot in common. They both just want to help others and will do anything for family.

The old Zari is missed, but there are parts of her that live on in the new Zari, and after the death of her brother, the fierce warrior that she is will undoubtedly resurface.

Sara and John - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 8

And speaking of fierce warriors, how was Sara able to survive seeing Atropos’ true form?

She is a strong character and all, but there has to be something else that gave her the power to resist having her insides turn into goo.

Could this be another side-effect of Crisis on Infinite Earths?

Sara: Huh. That’s cool. Looks like Supernatural is filming here.
Charlie: Super what?
Sara: You’ve never seen it? It’s this show about these two hot brothers who fight demons. I wonder if the Winchester brothers are here!
Charlie: Seriously.
Sara: Dean is my hall pass.

It has been teased that Sara will develop a power this season, but there is no telling what that may be from her interaction with Atropos. Whatever it is, it will be interesting to watch Sara adapting to a new side of herself.

Sara is always surprising us, though. Who knew that she was a Supernatural superfan?

Mick Rory - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 8

While Sara, Charlie, and Constantine were off finding the ring and Zari was finding herself, Mick was trying to connect with his daughter.

Ava and Mick bonding was sweet, as was Mick as a father, but he just ended up where he started with Lita mad at him.

It felt kind of unnecessary and fell to the back-burner on an episode that was full of exciting moments otherwise driving the story forward.

Maybe we can forgive this one flaw since Mick and Lita dressed as Heat Wave and Captain Cold for Halloween one year, which probably made every single person in the audience’s heart melt.

What did you think DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Fanatics?

Do you think the Legends will be able to save Behrad? Are you impressed with the season story so far?

And how fantastic was it to see Sara fangirl over Supernatural?

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