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Introverts may be happy at home with their quilting and sourdough but I’m angry – I want out!

When a poll came out during the week that said Australians reported the same levels of happiness as before the pandemic (albeit with a few more financial worries), I thought, “How can that be?” After all, everything fun has been replaced by JIGSAW PUZZLES.

It would make more sense if the survey averaged out the responses – because from my own casting around, people’s moods vary widely, according to innate temperament. Some people (introverts) are deliriously happy that they can go to bed at 9pm, don’t need to make up some excuse to cancel social events (literally everything has been cancelled anyway, saving them the guilt) and have all the time in the world to make sourdough.

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Just as physical robustness and careful attention to health are of no benefit against plague (for it attacks the weak and the strong without discrimination), so men of a calm and relaxed nature are as much at risk from anger as those who are more excitable, and the more it causes a change in these, the more it brings shame and danger upon them.

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