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Polish pilots | Science | The Bank of England pub | Albert Schweitzer’s cat | Panic-buying

I am concerned that your article on the exhibition to be held at RAF Duxford (Report, 10 March) makes no mention of the crucial contribution made by Polish pilots in the Battle of Britain. I hope that’s not because it’s not mentioned in the exhibition either. We need to remember that the Poles have made a far greater contribution to Britain’s survival and culture than just a few exotic grocers’ shops.
Peter Wrigley
Birstall, West Yorkshire

• Scientists often seem to abandon reason when they pronounce on matters outside their expertise (Letters, 11 March). What could Freeman Dyson have meant if he claimed that “the universe must in some sense have known that we were coming”? Only sentient beings can know things. What does “in some sense” mean? In what sense?
Edward Greenwood
Canterbury, Kent

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