Trump is desperate to seem manly. It’s hurting us all.

Trump is desperate to seem manly. It's hurting us all.

President Donald Trump is a sick man, literally. Nothing he can do will change that until his body recovers from COVID-19. 

The reality show theatrics of his hospital stay and return to the White House cannot reverse his coronavirus diagnosis. A new video Wednesday in which he falsely claims one drug he took is a “cure” and describes his infection as “a blessing from God” will not rewrite history. Trump fell ill because he proudly refused to practice basic safety measures like mask-wearing and social distancing, putting American lives at risk through behavior and example. 

Standing triumphantly at a White House balcony on Monday, while appearing to gasp for air, Trump became a living reminder that playing the strongman at a moment of intense and obvious vulnerability only magnifies one’s insecurities instead of concealing them.  Read more…

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