There’s racism in our food system, too. Here’s how to combat it.

There's racism in our food system, too. Here's how to combat it.

If you care deeply about both environmental and racial justice, the way food is produced in the U.S. is far, far from ideal

To begin with, industrial farming has negative environmental repercussions of various kinds. (The U.Sranks second in the world for greenhouse gas emissions. Agriculture was responsible for 10.5% of U.S. emissions in 2018, according to the  U.S. Department of Agriculture.) Complicating matters is the well established fact that climate change disproportionately impacts Black and Indigenous communities, people of color, and women.  A University of North Carolina report, for instance, found in 2014 that pollution from industrial pig farms disproportionately impacts Black, Latinx, and Native American communities, which researchers “generally recognized as environmental racism.”  Read more…

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