The best movies on Shudder that you can’t stream anywhere else

The best movies on Shudder that you can't stream anywhere else

I know what you’re thinking: Of all the things you need right now in life, another streaming service subscription is probably a long way down the list.

But hold onto that thought.

The real mark of a good streaming platform, at least in my opinion, is the stuff you can’t get anywhere else. The unique stuff. Obviously, the overall breadth of films and TV shows is important, too, but the exclusives and the originals are what really sets a service apart.

This is an area that Shudder — a platform that focusses on “horror, thriller, and supernatural” content — does well in. At the time of writing, its “Exclusive and Originals” movie category is around 80-strong, and it’s growing all the time. Read more…

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