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Gary really should not be allowed on the Waverider anymore.

It was a case of whodunnit on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 10 as someone stole the rings of the Loom of Fate and temporarily disabled Gideon.

And the culprit behind these crimes was a classic DC’s Legends of Tomorrow villain.

Sara, Ava, and John - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 10

By classic, I mean the weirdest thing you can possibly imagine.

If someone told me that the demon dog that Son of Sam claimed told him to kill all his victims would do the same to the Legends on an episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 5, I probably would believe it given the fact that Beebo exists.

Ava: Oh my god. Sara was right. This dog is making us go crazy. This is absurd. This is more absurd than that StabCast I did on the Son of Sam.
Gary: Wait, uh, what does Son of Sam mean? Cause I feel like Gary Jr. kept saying that to me in his barks.
Ava: What? No. It was a guy in the 70s in New York. He killed a bunch of people and later said that a dog made him do it. Oh my god! You adopted Son of Sam’s demon dog.
Gary: At least I didn’t buy from a breeder!

But this is what makes the show so great. The writers are able to come up with the strangest things and weave them into the narrative so that it all makes sense with the storyline.

It stays on brand with the oddball theme, while also creating obstacles for our heroes to achieve their goals, like using the Loom of Fate.

This Son of Sam demon dog has to go down in history as one of the best things the show has ever done. And of course Gary was the one to bring him on the ship.

Nate and Mick - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 10

Not only did a brainwashed Charlie flushing the rings down the toilet prevent the Legends from using the Loom, but there is also the fact that trying to use it caused an explosion.

If Charlie really does need her sisters to use the Loom, how are they all going to convince them to help? It is highly improbable as from what we have seen, they are straight-up evil.

But what if two other Legends become Fates themselves? Lachesis and Atropos wanted to turn Astra into a Fate, so it is likely that the Legends can do the same.

Astra: I bet you’re the only one on this ship who’s happy to see him.
Constantine: Oh, nonsense. As far as this sorry lot are concerned, as soon as anyone stops trying to murder them on a weekly basis, they’re best friends.

This probably means that Lachesis and Atropos have to die first though, and the Legends are not about to kill two people to fulfill their own needs.

It’s a mystery as to where this season is going to go, but they are bound to find a way to use the Loom of Fate. They have to because Behrad has to return. I am speaking it into existence.

Sara Lance - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 10

Sara woke up from her coma blind, and it looks like it might be permanent.

She now has the power of foresight, and that plus her assassin training makes her stronger than ever. She does not need her eyes to see, and her blindness did not hinder her much as she faced off against the demon dog.

Hopefully Sara does regain her sight sometime in the future though because becoming blind is a hard pill for anyone to swallow.

However, at least we know that Sara is still the crazy tough superhero we all know her to be. And her gaining a new power will open her up to even more character development.

There is still the mystery of how she gained the power. Was it from her encounter with Atropos? Or did seeing Atropos’ godly form just awaken what has always been inside of Sara?

Avalance - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 10

Sara and Ava continued to prove that they are one of the cutest and strongest couples of the Arrowverse.

The way that they were both concerned for the other was touching, and it is nice to see that they have each found a reliable partner in the other as they have both had rough lives.

Sara and Ava make each other better and have helped the other grow so much throughout their time together on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Nate: And then there’s Zari. She’s from the future. She’s supes cute and she can control air.
Lita: What?
Nate: Yep.

They have proved that healthy relationships can exist on the Waverider, and it is good to see that the hour focused more on them and not on the potential love triangle between Zari, Nate, and Constantine.

Getting the right characters together on a show is tricky, and timing is everything. Right now, Zari needs to be focused on getting Behrad back and not on choosing between the two men.

Constantine - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 10

Astra is becoming more and more likable as the episodes go on.

She is snarky, sarcastic, and just a joy to watch as she messes with the Legends. Astra is kind of reminiscent of a bolder, evil Zari 1.0, which makes her potential friendship with Zari 2.0 very interesting.

Both Astra and Zari 1.0 lost people very near and dear to them, and now Zari 2.0 is in the same boat with Behrad’s death.

They are an unlikely pair, but that always makes for the most interesting of friendships — see Ava and Zari for example.

Zari can help Astra to become less evil while Astra can bring out the qualities of Zari 1.0 in her. It is a win-win situation.

Father/Daughter - DC's Legends of Tomorrow Season 5 Episode 10

As all the nonsense with the demon dog was happening, Mick tried to bond with his daughter, Lita.

He was rather unsuccessful at first, but as he opened up more and more to her, and showed her more of the super cool time-traveling ship, her walls began to come down.

Nate: Well this says this is his emotional support animal. Signed and everything.
Ava: I don’t have time for this.
Gary: I’ve named him Gary Jr. Oh, he’s made a tiny tinkle.
Zari: Ew.
Gary: He isn’t ship broken. Junior! He’s usually a very good boy. Everyone watch your step.

Mick has always been the tough guy out of all the Legends, so seeing these soft moments between him and someone he cares about is always a delight.

And Lita is the perfect daughter for him. She does not buy into his crap and never lets him off the hook. She stands her ground and Mick respects that.

In making him a father, the writers have unraveled a new layer to him. It will be interesting to see Mick and Lita’s relationship develop even more as the season goes on.

What did you think DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Fanatics?

How amazing were the visual effects when Charlie tried to use the Loom of Fate? How absurd, yet delightful, was the reveal of the Son of Sam’s dog?

And how could Atropos cut Behrad’s string, but Charlie couldn’t weave it?

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