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Hey Wordsmiths, this may really be worth checking out.

For a couple of months now, everyone's been speculating that Jenelle Evans is back with David Eason.

Or, well, it started out as speculation, but now it's pretty much just a fact that everyone knows but they won't acknowledge.

But our girl Jenelle has just uploaded a brand new Q&A to her YouTube account, and in the video, she directly explains what's going on with David.

She also gives tons and tons of info about her post-Teen Mom life.

So let's get into it!

1. Well, Jenelle …

Jenelle evans her selfie
A couple of months ago, Jenelle did a Q&A for her YouTube account, remember?

2. Ah, Memories

Jenelle in the snow
She asked her Instagram followers to send her a bunch of questions about her life, and she compiled them so she could answer them in a video. That’s how Q&As work.

3. Gross

Jenelle evans david eason on instagram
But since then, a lot of things have changed. For example, she’s no longer living in Nashville — she’s back in North Carolina full-time, which means she’s also back with David.

4. By All Means!

Jenelle eason with dave eason
But let’s let her speak for herself, OK?

5. Oh Hey Girl

Jenelle evans im back with david and life is good yall
The most popular questions were about a few specific topics: David, her career, and this whole pandemic situation.

6. And We’re Off!

Jenelle eason
She jumps around a bit, but let’s just follow her lead.

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