Photos of New Year’s Eve 2019 are a real gut punch compared to pictures from today

Photos of New Year's Eve 2019 are a real gut punch compared to pictures from today

Does anyone remember last year?

There is plenty of evidence that 2019 did, in fact, exist, but I personally have almost no recollection of anything that happened before about March 2020, when the coronavirus came crashing in and redefined what it meant to have a bad year. 

Since then the COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped almost everything, and that includes the way we celebrate the arrival of a new year. The ball drop in Times Square is as close to a national celebration as the U.S. has, and this year will be a completely different experience. 

This Waterford crystal ball will still come down at midnight. Ryan Seacrest will still host Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, and a few tipsy CNN anchors will still be doing their delightful thing. But the festivities in general will be totally closed to the public. That’s exactly as it should be for the sake of public health, but it’s a dramatic change from the usual jam-packed streets of Times Square. Read more…

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