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Announcing the 1st ever April Poem-A-Day Challenge Countdown on Poetic Asides. Since we’re all indoors anyway, let’s get poeming early this year.

So for people who loathe change, the 2020 April PAD Challenge is still happening, and it’s still starting on April 1. However, someone on Facebook suggested I start the daily prompting and poeming earlier this year, since so many people are self-quarantining and social distancing at the moment in the United States and elsewhere around the world.

So it took me all of a split second to think, “Yeah! Let’s get poeming!”

(2020 April PAD Challenge: Guidelines.)

We’re going to call it the 2020 April PAD Challenge Countdown. It’ll be a fun warm-up for the actual poem-a-day challenge that starts on April 1 and continues on through the end of the month.

2020 April PAD Challenge Countdown

Since this is all spur-of-the-moment and never-been-done-before territory, here’s how we’ll roll:

  • Beginning on the morning (Atlanta, GA) of March 22, I’ll post a poetry prompt and my own attempt at a poem each morning for the rest of March. That’s 10 days of daily poeming!
  • Poets around the country and the world can swoop in, grab the poetry prompt, and write a poem. If they wish, they can share their poems in the comments on each day’s prompt. If they wish to keep it for themselves, that’s cool too. It’s all about the poeming.

And honestly, that’s all there is to this thing. It’s a chance to poem and connect with other poets, and it’s totally free and something people can do from the safety of their homes. So get ready to break some lines, y’all!

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Other questions, concerns, etc?

If you need any other questions answered, put them in the comments below, and I’ll revise this post as needed.

Other than that, I can’t wait to start poeming on the 22nd!

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