Is your iPhone draining battery fast after iOS 14.2? You’re not alone.

Is your iPhone draining battery fast after iOS 14.2? You're not alone.

Apple’s iOS 14.2 is causing battery-related headaches to a number of users. 

According to complaints on Apple’s Developer Forums, posts on Apple Support forums, and this Reddit thread (via MacRumors), some users are seeing reduced battery life and longer charging times after upgrading to iOS 14.2. 

Some users also are complaining about Battery Health metric dropping significantly after the update, and some say their iPhones are getting significantly warmer during charging (or in normal operation). 

The issues seem to be showing up on a variety of iPhone models, and even on iPads. There’s no easily discernible usage pattern among these complaints: some say their battery drained very fast during a simple call or texting, and some say the battery just keeps draining while the iPhone is essentially idling.  Read more…

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