How to watch the Star Wars movies in order

How to watch the Star Wars movies in order

Best place to watch: Disney+

From “who shot first?” to “how useful are lightsabers, actually?” and “has any character ever sucked more than Jar Jar Binks?” — hot take: yes — there are some debates that Star Wars fans will probably never settle. (More than four decades of intricate lore and intergalactic action will do that to you.)

But with the franchise’s universe set to expand even further within the next few years, we need to get one specific discussion out of the way ASAP: What’s the best order to watch all of the Star Wars movies?

The answer to that question isn’t cut and dry, but it mostly depends on your familiarity with the series and how “authentic” you want your viewing experience to be. Allow us to break it down. Read more…

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