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Everyone wants to know when Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton from Love Is Blind are going to have a baby. In their latest YouTube video, they gave viewers an answer to the question on everyone’s minds.

No one was as trusting of the Love Is Blind process as Cameron. He leapt heart first into the pods, proclaiming his love for Lauren shortly after she said she was falling for him on the fourth day. Shortly thereafter, he proposed marriage to a woman he’d never before seen. When they laid eyes on one another, it was love at first sight – well technically, love before first sight. The narrative from then on centered around Lauren’s concern that her parents – specifically her father – would not support her dating a white man. She had never been with a white man, but she was clearly smitten by Cameron. As the wedding neared closer, however, Lauren spoke about being unsure whether she was ready to get married to Cameron, a man she met only weeks ago. She wound up saying yes, and it has worked out thus far. A year and a half later, they are still married.

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On Lauren and Cameron’s YouTube channel, Hanging With the Hamiltons, the happy couple addressed questions from the fans. Lauren said the most asked question, “not only from my mom. Not only from the press, but from y’all,” was when they were going to have a baby. First of all, Lauren confirmed she is not pregnant.

The Hamiltons said they would probably having a child within a year or so. Cameron appeared ready to dive in and start baby making right now, and we all know that couples have plenty of time on their hands these days. Lauren put the brakes on that, saying that it probably wouldn’t happen tomorrow, “unless there’s an accident.”

All things considered, now is not the best time to conceive a child. We don’t know what our world will look like a few months from now with the spread of the novel coronavirus, and things might not be back to normal in nine months. It’s likely for the best that Lauren and Cameron wait a bit, at least a few weeks, before they get to work on their first child. Just so far as they don’t wait too long, because they’re going to keep getting asked about it until Lauren tells the world she’s pregnant.

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