‘Doomswiping’ is the latest pandemic coping mechanism

'Doomswiping' is the latest pandemic coping mechanism

As the pandemic summer creeps into pandemic autumn, I…am still on dating apps. When I lie in bed at night, the only light in the room is the screen glow as I swipe through various apps — left, left, right, left, right, right — and so it goes.

The phenomenon known as doomscrolling, popularized on Twitter by writer Karen K. Ho, entered the cultural lexicon earlier this year. The concept is simple: One scrolls endlessly on their various social media feeds, absorbing the news of the day which, this year especially, has been disheartening at best and apocalyptic at worst. 

I’d say this behavior crosses over into dating apps, too, but in a slightly different way: Doomswiping. Unlike with doomscrolling, where we read the horrors of the news and the discourse that comes along with it, doomswiping is the act of mindlessly scrolling through dating apps without the express purpose of actually meeting someone — especially since right now coming within six feet of a stranger is often not possible to do safely. Read more…

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