Cut his mic, don’t kill the debates: What Trump’s terrible night taught us

Cut his mic, don't kill the debates: What Trump's terrible night taught us

There is, so far as we know, only one moment in Donald Trump’s long and privileged life in which he was actually made to shut up: the mashed potato incident. 

When Trump was 7, his elder brother Fred dumped a warm bowl of mash on Donald’s head at the dinner table “because he was being such a brat” towards their younger siblings and wouldn’t listen to his mother, according to Mary Trump’s family tell-all Too Much and Never Enough. “Everybody laughed, and they couldn’t stop laughing,” she wrote. “It was the first time Donald had been humiliated … from then on, he would never allow himself to feel that feeling again.” The incident still stings: Trump glowered at the family when they brought it up during a White House lunch in 2017, Mary wrote.      Read more…

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