Coding bootcamps help you go deep without investing a ton of time

Coding bootcamps help you go deep without investing a ton of time

Whether you’re a web developer who wants to improve your arsenal of existing skills, a non-developer looking to make a career change, or you’re simply interested in taking the steps to become fluent in programming languages, one of the best ways to break into the world of coding is through a decent coding bootcamp. These intensive online (and in-person, though this list is about online bootcamps only) classes take students through a whirlwind of a programming and coding curriculum that will ensure they come out understanding coding and the best practices that come along with it.

Here, we’ve put together a list of the best coding bootcamps that you can sign up for and complete exclusively online. Each of these programs come highly rated by real coding students who have decided to improve their existing web development skill set and, in some cases, make a total career change. We’re breaking down the best online coding bootcamps to help you narrow down your options and figure out which course is right for your career needs or level of existing skill — taking into account cost, curriculum, job opportunities, and class sizes. Read more…

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IMAGE: Coursera


Introduction to Computer Programming on Coursera

If you’re looking for an expert-led course to kickstart your web development learning and come out of it with tangible skills, you’ll love this challenging option.

  • Length of course: 18 hours
  • Skills covered: editing and running programs, Javascript
  • Price: $39 per month after 7-day free trial

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IMAGE: Udemy


Ultimate Coding Bootcamp – Python, Game Dev, Web Dev on Udemy

With over 425K students across 35 courses, instructor Pablo Farias Navarro makes learning the ins and outs of coding and web development both engaging and fun.

  • Length of course: 12 hours
  • Skills covered: HTML, CSS, C#, Python
  • Price: $94.99, but Udemy courses are often *deeply* discounted

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The Software Architect Code: Building the Digital World on edX

This comprehensive course will show you the ins and outs of what it means to be a web developer in an ever-changing digital landscape.

  • Length of course: Eight weeks
  • Price: Free to enroll (add a verified certificate for $129)
  • Skills covered: Software design and understanding the role of a software architect

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IMAGE: Skillshare


Coding for Beginners: You can code! on Skillshare

If you want to start learning to code but are scared to jump into it, this course will help ease you into the basics without overwhelming you with advanced information or concepts.

  • Length of course: Self-paced with seven hours of video
  • Skills covered: HTML, CSS, C#, Python
  • Price: $15/month or $99/year for Skillshare Premium

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IMAGE: Treehouse


Front End Web Development by Treehouse

If you’re looking for a practical course that will expand your skill set in a community-focused environment, you’ll love this interactive online program.

  • Length of course: 57 hours
  • Price: $25/month

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IMAGE: Treehouse


Full Stack JavaScript on Treehouse

If you’re looking for a Javascript-specific course, this deep dive into the popular platform makes it easy to pick up and run with.

  • Length of course: 45 hours
  • Skills covered: Javascript
  • Price: $25/month

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IMAGE: Skillshare


Creative Coding: Animating SVG with Simple CSS Code on Skillshare

Anyone looking for a fun, creativity-focused coding course will love this engaging alternative to traditional web development classes.

  • Length of course: Self-paced
  • Skills covered: CSS code and SVG animations
  • Price: $15/month or $99/year for Skillshare Premium

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IMAGE: Linkedin Learning


Succeeding in Web Development: Full Stack and Front End on Linkedin Learning

More of an overview of what it takes to shift into web development than a skill-specific class, this online course will leave you with a better understanding of the world of web developers.

  • Length of course: Self-paced
  • Skills covered: Understanding the skills and moves required for success in web development
  • Price: $29.99/month after one-month free trial