A brand new game is deleting players’ loot. This crap shouldn’t be so normal.

A brand new game is deleting players' loot. This crap shouldn't be so normal.

For people who love video games, the story of the week has been Outriders and its troubled launch. By now it’s an all-too-familiar story of a brand new release showing up on day one in rough shape. What’s a gamer to do in these situations? Unfortunately, the only obvious option is typically “nothing.”

The game, from Bulletstorm developer People Can Fly, came out on April 1 with a host of problems trailing it. Glitches left many dealing with repeated crashes. Server issues kept players offline for hours at a time. When they finally did get online, people started to ask, understandably, why such a story-driven and seemingly offline-friendly game required an always-online connection — a question that People Can Fly still hasn’t adequately answered, it should be said. Read more…

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